Kim Wilson (Chair), Jackie Lazar, Stacey Dyck Jiricka, Stephanie Kerr, (Resource: Rhonda Derby, Tricia Klassen)
Barry Hutt (Chair), Kim Wilson, Lucille Toth, Jaime Seminuk, Don Poitras, Jackie Lazar, Stephanie Kerr (Resource: Tricia Klassen)
Jackie Lazar (Chair), Kim Wilson, Jeremy Koskie, Stepahnie Kerr, Terri Homeniuk, Barry Hutt (Resource:Tricia Klassen)
Constitutional Change
Terri Homeniuk (Chair), Kim Wilson, Lucille Fedkiw, Stephanie Kerr, Lucille Toth, Don Poitras (Resource: Rhonda Derby, Tricia Klassen)
Steward Action/Education *
Stephanie Kerr (Chair), Kim Wilson, Jeremy Koski, Jackie Lazar, Lucille Toth, Carmen Doyle (Resource: Rhonda Derby, Tricia Klassen)
Political Action/Education
Stacey Dyck Jiricka (Chair), Kim Wilson, Terri Homeniuk, Jeremy Koskie, Ed Bens, Twyla Harris (Resource: Rhonda Derby)
Kim Wilson (Chair), Jackie Lazar, Jeremy Koskie, Matt Harasymuk, Jaime Seminuk (Resource: Tricia Klassen)
Jeremy Koskie (Chair), Kim Wilson, Jackie Lazar, Lucille Fedkiw, Don Poitras (Resource: Rhonda Derby, Tricia Klassen)
Vacant (Chair), Lucille Fedkiw, Stacey Dyck Jiricka, Cindy McLean

Special Interest / General Committees:

Equity *
Terri Homeniuk (Chair), Kim Wilson, Nathaniel Cole, Twyla Harris, Jeremy Koskie, Don Poitras
Occupational Health & Safety *
Ed Bens (Chair), Kim Wilson, Rhonda Kincade, Jackie Lazar, (Resource: Rhonda Derby)

Union Members of Joint SGI Committees:

Industrial Relations
Kim Wilson (Union Co-Chair), Jeremy Koskie, Jackie Lazar, Rhonda Derby
Job Evaluation
Ed Bens (Union Co-Chair), Bev Chandler, Maureen Bongie, Peggy Farrell, Herbie Kallichuk, Jordana Zdunich
Employment Equity
Rhonda Derby (Union Co-Chair), Delia Sanchez Garcia
Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) / Health & Wellness
Vacant (Union Co-Chair), Kim Wilson, Jackie Lazar
Technological Change
Rhonda Derby (Union Co-Chair), Kim Wilson, Jackie Lazar

Call for additional Committee Members

We are trying to complete the formation of an Equity Committee. The role of the Committee will be to advise the Executive of the Local about the issues facing our Equity Members, and in consultation with the Executive work to resolve the issues. If you belong to one of these groups and would like to get more involved with the Local, please call Kim Wilson at (306) 352-4220 or Patti Harris at (306) 352-4238