Organization Structure

Membership Participation

73 Stewards
25 Executive Board and Prairie
Council Members
17 Committees
Regular Membership and Bargaining
Unit Meetings

Structural Chart

Unions are a Democracy

Our Members run our Union. Our Union Officers are elected by the Members to represent all members of COPE Local 397. The Executive Board is elected for a three-year term. The Prairie Council Members are elected to a two-year term. Stewards are elected from within their work area.

The Executive Board and The Prairie Council

The Executive Board consists of the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms. Executive Board members are elected by a plurality of the voting membership. The Board meets monthly to discuss administrative and operational issues. The Board reports to the Prairie Council on policy and financial matters.

The President of COPE Local 397 is a full-time position.

Duties of the President:
The duties of the President are detailed in Article 9 of the COPE Local 397 Constitution.

Terms and Conditions:
It is understood that a Letter of Understanding will be negotiated to take the President off on a leave of absence without pay or benefits
from their 'home' position.

It is understood that hours of work shall be undefined, and will include weekends and evenings as required, and that there is no entitlement
for Earned Days Off.

It is understood that there is no provision for overtime.

The President shall retain membership in COPE Local 397 and pay dues to the Local.

Wages are determined by Prairie Council. Benefits and Pension, however, will be restricted to those received by the staff at COPE Local 397.

Should a concern arise with the President's activities or conduct, in relation to the position, such that they may be deemed to be contrary to the welfare, or best interests of the Local Union, Article 19 of the Local Constitution, and/or Article 15 of the National Constitution may be applicable.

COPE Local 397 Executive Board

President: Kim Wilson
1st Vice-President: Jeremy Koskie
2nd Vice-President: Stephanie Kerr
Treasurer: Jackie Lazar
Recording Secretary: Terri Homeniuk
Sergeant-at-Arms: Barry Hutt
Prairie Council Members are responsible for setting guidelines for policy and financial matters. The Executive Board, on a day-to-day basis, works within those guidelines. Prairie Council meetings are held at least four times each year.

COPE Local 397 Prairie Council

SGI Regina Head Office:
Heather Anderson
Don Poitras
Robert Taschuk
Adam Scuka
Mark Morley
SGI Regina Branches:
Marshall Moya
Lucille Toth
Jessica Boyer Henrion
Mike Bloos
SGI Branches:
Kindersley: Vacant
Lloydminster / Meadow Lake: Vacant
Moose Jaw: Mike Cook
North Battleford: Jaime Seminuk
Prince Albert: Vacant
Saskatoon: Lindsay Jenkins, Leslie Regush
Swift Current: Vacant
Tisdale: Vacant
Weyburn / Estevan: Rhonda Croal
Yorkton: Matt Harasymuk
SCISL Winnipeg: Vacant
NDP Provincial Office: Stacey Dyck Jiricka
NDP Caucus Office: Jannet Shanks
NDP Constituency Assistants:Twyla Harris Naciri
RM of Alexander: Cindy McLean
Calgary Unit: Lucille Fedkiw
URFA: Eric Bell
The Prairie Council consists of all the members of the Executive Board together with representatives from the following units:

Saskatchewan Government Insurance
Kindersley - 1 member
Lloydminster / Meadow Lake - 1 member
Moose Jaw - 1 member
North Battleford - 1 member
Prince Albert - 1 member
Regina - Branches - 4 members
Regina - Head Office - 5 members
Saskatoon - 3 members
Swift Current - 1 member
Tisdale - 1 member
Weyburn / Estevan - 1 member
Winnipeg - 1 member
Yorkton - 1 member
NDP Provincial Office - 1 member
NDP Caucus Office - 1 member
NDP Constituency Assistants - 1 member
RM of Alexander - 1 member
Calgary Unit - 1 member
URFA - 1 member