COVID-19 in Canada 

Confirmed cases: 1,146,817 (updates hourly)

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If you are still having to go to work, make sure all policies for health and safety are followed. For example, social distancing. COPE would like to remind everyone, you do have the RIGHT TO REFUSE UNSAFE WORK. This is not something we can do as a group it must be done individually. If you believe the work is still unsafe or unhealthy to yourself or a co-worker – YOU MAY REFUSE. For SGI employees – look at your CBA – Article 6 – Safety and Health. It is there. (Page 17) Put it in writing, give it to your manager. Again, it MUST be done on an individual basis.—ubM

Please read the following CBC article to learn more about Kim Wilson’s and COPE 397’s advocation to help protect SGI employees during this pandemic by closing locations